I am sure you will find golf swing mastery a wealth of knowledge and the short road to “The Golf Swing of Your Dreams.” I hope that you enjoy the process in doing it as much as I have enjoyed the producing it.

The One Day Miracle Swing is an interactive Golf Swing Development System that is based on compressing learning time and doing so in a comfortable environment – In Your own home! Less than the time it takes to play 9 holes!

This system makes sense. It is very doable. It has been proven to work. Watch testimonials. The concepts have been derived from over 40 years of daily golf swing study and successful competitive and teaching experience. I simply will teach you to train a powerful and accurate golf swing in no time flat!

I will show you exactly what a consistent powerful swing is made of. Not only that.. I will give you a detailed road map of how to get yours! All you have to do is follow along and copy what I show you!

Oh, don’t worry.. it’s broken down into such simple stuff in such a logical order that you can’t miss. A young child can do this!

I will show you “THE SECRET”… to effortless power!

I will show you exactly what creates the effortless power you see in your favorite tour pros.

Not only that…I will give you a POWER TRAINING set that will have you hitting it a ton in no time!

I will show you “THE MAGIC MOVE”… to consistent accuracy. I will show you exactly what creates consistent accuracy.

Not only that…I will give you a ACCURACY TRAINING set that will have you hitting it as straight as an arrow flies!

Simply put: You will have the “Golf Swing of Your Dreams”  in no time!

I will also give you Faults and Fixes section to identify from undesirable shots what you may have done wrong and then what to do about it. I will also give you a system of checking the critical skills that you need, so that you stay on the right track.

The One Day Miracle Swing is truly a Golf Swing in a Box. It is all you’ll ever need.

It can and should be used for reinforcement. Especially after a lay off. It’s a can’t miss system a that will give a beginner a great start and the expert a better foundation and a way to easily sand off the rough edges. The One Day Miracle Swing will benefit anyone who will invest a little time.

Due to the incredible amount of information and the “system” itself. The cost to professionally produce this quality of video would be prohibitive. I wanted to get this system into the hands of struggling golfers as quickly as possible. The quality and quantity of the information should be satisfactory.

There are some glitches in the audio and video production in this series. If you find the quality of these DVDs unacceptable. Please return them with a signed letter of your dissatisfaction and I will gladly return you full payment less shipping charges.

Get started now!

This System is very easy to use. You need to have a mirror and DVD player and a short club or room to swing. Just watch and follow along…

from the first title on DVD 1 and follow the titles in sequence through DVD 3 …That is all you have to do!.

  • THE MIRACLE SWING The 3 Fundamental Swing
  • THE SWING RECIPE Step by step learning system
  • COMPRESS TIME  6 – 12 minute training sessions!
  • IN HOME Do in the comfort of your own home!
  •  “THE SECRET” To effortless power!
  • POWER TRAINING Trains power
  • “THE MAGIC MOVE” To consistent accuracy!
  • ACCURACY TRAINING Trains accuracy
  • CRITICAL SKILLS Complete self swing checks
  • FAULTS – FIXES Complete shot and swing evaluation

DVD Set – 1 Day Lesson Sessions Include:

  • 3 Part Swing Lesson
  • How Power is Achieved
  • How Accuracy is Achieved
  • The Critical Skills
  • The Miracle Swing Training System
  • Power Training
  • Accuracy Training
  • Faults and Fixes
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