A sound swing consists of only Three Primary Fundamentals executed properly: The Grip – The Setup – The Swing Timing. During the swing there are only 2 movements that need to be executed correctly to make an excellent golf swing. I’ve designed several drills to take these moves apart individually and then put them back together again to make your ideal swing a reality! The drills can be done at home making it even easier to learn. Come out to learn them!


Here is a drill for practicing your putting at home. A great idea—purchase a putting mat from one of the golf discount houses. (a mirror would be helpful – have it face you) Get a block of wood about two feet long. Anchor the wood block in place so when the club-face is square to the target it is at a right angle to the putter-face. Set it so you can rub the heel of the putter along the wood as you practice putt. Three to eight foot putts are sufficient. The wood will help you train muscle memory of a straight stroke. Try to keep the face at a right angle for at least three to six inches.

Wrist Hinge Drill

Purchase a 2 or 3 foot lead pipe 1/2” to 3/4”. Put an elbow joint on it to make it look and feel like a golf club. Put some athletic tape on it like a grip. Swinging this regularly will specifically help stretch and strengthen the golf muscles. Make this a workout routine.

Golf Specific Exercise

Grip the lead pipe with your normal grip out in front of you at waist height. Begin to hinge the wrists without letting go of your grip or moving your arms away from your body. Hinge your wrists bringing club upward towards your face as far as possible without letting go or moving your arms away from your body.

This will strengthen the grip, the wrist cock and the release, which is the primary source of power in your swing!

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