I’ve been asked why students , from beginners to PGA Tour Professionals, make such dramatic improvements while under my tutelage.

The answer is Three-Fold:

First, I keep things simple. By concentrating on the Three Primary Fundamentals – The Grip – The Set Up – The Swing Timing…   I am able to identify and fix the root cause of most swing problems… affecting permanent change and lasting improvement!

Second, I employ a step-by-step program for improvement. I understand that we all learn in different ways – some by listening, some by seeing and some by doing. So, I use this four step teaching process that encompassses all learning styles and makes learning more fun!

Step By Step

  • I Define the ideal techniques…
  • I Explain them in simple and recallable terms…
  • I Demonstrate how they relate to the student’s problem…
  • I Assign a step-by-step process for improvement…

I give specific definition to the problem, explain how it relates to it’s fundamental cause and effect. I demonstrate its cause and it’s cure and then assign a step-by-step program that will lead to permanent improvement.

In short, I break complex movements down into their simple elements. By addressing one element at a time, I am able to give the student a simple task that they can easily learn. After the individual tasks are mastered, I show the student how to incorporate them back into the whole. This makes the learning process much easier, faster, and a lot more fun!

Third, I’ve been there. In order to experience success at the various competative levels, I’ve had to perfect and competitively test the fundamental approach that I teach. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to win with it! – with major tournament wins at the Junior, the High School, the College, and the Professional levels. This included 4 years as a member of the PGA Tour. That’s invaluable experience that few other teachers can boast. I’d be glad to share my 37 years of competitive experience with you.

I’m sure I can help you improve your game as I have for thousands.
I Guarantee It!

Gary Pinns

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