img23Winter is great time to make some serious improvement!Without the pressure to perform riding on your regular summer play, improvement in technique can sometimes be achieved much more rapidly.

Systematic regular attention to fundamentals can go a long way towards abolishing old habits and developing new and better ones.

A program of lessons, practice, drills, and exercise is a must for anyone wanting to see improvement rather than deterioration over the winter. I have designed several programs for those wishing to take their games to another level during the winter months.

Instruction Programs

  • Individual Private or Semi– Private   $110/Hour
  • Individual Private 1/2 Hour   $60

Lessons include: Frame by Frame Computer Video Analysis
*Balls not included ($12$18 Hour)


White-Pines-Golf-Dome-LogoWhite Pines Golf Dome (Bensenville, IL)

  1. I-290 To Route 83 North
  2. 3rd Ave East – (first light)
  3. 2nd Stop Sign – right into Dome


  • Winter semi-monthly program       10 1/2 Hour $500
  • Winter semi-monthly program       10 Hours $950


Golf Physical Fitness Customized Programs are also available: Gary is a certified “Advantage Golf” specialist.
*all packages include: Gary Pinns “Lessons” Video Tape                  


  • 3– 7 Day Schools will include:
  • Full Swing   Sand Play
  • Pitching   Chipping   Putting   Daily On-Course Playing Lessons
  • Demonstrations by Gary
  • Practiice Techniques
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Slow motion and frame by frame video analysis – V1 Software
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Scoring Analysis
  • Tournament Golf
  • Course Management
  • Physical Analysis and Golf Fitness Techniques
  • Mental Mangement Skills


Each Day will include:

  • 1 hour warmup
  • On course 18 Hole Playing Lesson
  • On course “Live Video Feedback”
  • 2 hours of follow-up range work after the round
  • Video analysis sessions using computerized V1 Swing analysis software


School price includes:

  • All Day Instrution by Gary Pinns
  • Airfare Hotel
  • Golf Rounds at Top-rated Courses
  • “Lessons” and “Practice” Videos
  • Daily Video Analysis
  • *Trips normally include 3 or 4 persons and Gary
  • 4 Day Schoolls Start at $2300


Trips can be customized to any sized group. Gary can custmize instruction to fit the needs of your present golf vacation group.

Price: $300/Day Per Person for Gary Only (discounts for groups of more than 4)

Flat Rate: $750/Day plus expenses

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